D.C. Police are sick of one teenage robbery suspect who has allegedly committed multiple crimes. The police department is so sick of this kid, they’ve got you all pissed off too. The police—OK, Third District Inspector Edward Delgadowants you to email Peter Nickles to do who knows what to this kid. You want this thug in cuffs. You want this thug behind bars. And maybe worse. Prince of Petworth has joined the witch hunt. OffSeventh has raised a torch. The No BS Zone has started marching in lockstep, too.

Well, stop it. If you bothered to read the fine print of the Post piece, you would know that this teenager has been convicted of nothing, and was recently ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial. Yes, there are 21 robberies attached to his undisclosed name. But this kid doesn’t need a bunk in a crummy, over-crowded youth facility.

The kid needs empathy. He needs a city social worker to step up. So if you wanna e-mail somebody, e-mail the Department of Mental Health or Child and Family Services.

Nickles was right in ignoring your e-mails.

*photo courtesy of toddsmith.com.