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From now through Jan. 12, the Goethe-Institut Washington is presenting its Artists in Film series, featuring works on artists such as Beethoven and Bach. With tickets only $4-$6, it’s a lovely and cheap way to escape the holiday madness for a couple of hours.

Here’s the schedule; for more information and to order tickets visit the Goethe-Institut’s Web site.

12/01/2008, 6:30 pm Extracts From the Life of Beethoven (Beethoven – Tage aus einem Leben)

12/08/2008, 6:30 pm Jagged Harmonies – Bach vs. Frederick II (Mein Name ist Bach)

12/15/2008, 6:30 pm Comedian Harmonists

1/05/2009, 6:30 pm The Mask of Desire (Die Braut)

1/12/2009, 6:30 pm Half of Life (Hälfte des Lebens)