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Happy Turkey Anticipation Day to one and all. In a repeat of last year’s matchup, Dunbar will meet H.D. Woodson tomorrow in the 39th Turkey Bowl—-11 a.m. at Eastern SHS. LL will be taking the day off from LLD, but feel free to accost him at the game.

And a special welcome to the scores of new subscribers to the LL Daily E-Mail!

IN LL WEEKLY—-Marion Barry disapproves of Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. By which LL means he’s filed disapproval resolutions on virtually every contract submission and budget reprogramming for three-plus months.

ARREST MADE IN CHEVY CHASE DOUBLE MURDER—-Cathy Lanier & Co. put this one down quick: Peiro E. Fuentes Hernandez, 27, of Capitol Heights, was arrested yesterday at around 4:15 p.m. for the killings of Mike and Ginny Spevak. Hernandez, an immigrant from El Salvador, had been in the area since last year and apparently meant to rob the Spevaks. UNCONFIRMED: “Sources said that the investigation in the Ingraham Street area provided information that apparently led to the search of the premises in Capitol Heights,” WaPo reports. Examiner story; WTOP story; NC8 video; WRC-TV video; WUSA-TV video; WTTG-TV story and video.

GOOD ON YA—-“At the news conference last night, officials singled out the work of two detectives, Anthony Greene and James Wilson. They have scarcely slept since the crime was discovered, officials said.” The break in the case came when the Spevaks’ car was found behind a Petworth rowhouse. Evidence gathered near that scene led to Hernandez.

For less reassuring public safety news, read Harry Jaffe‘s Examiner column. “[N]ever in my years chronicling crime have I come across anything like the frustrating case of Michael Richardson.” Former council candidate Cary Silverman is also pissed! (He’s also concerned about the wording of a D.C. government alert message.)

LL colleague Jason Cherkis tells the story behind the Nov. 6 shooting of Logan Circle resident David Kerstetter by police. Kerstetter had severe mental issues that police might not have been equipped to handle.

Residents pissed about parking meters, Michael Neibauer reports in Examiner. “City officials have fielded more than 100,000 complaints about its parking meters already this year — an average of several gripes apiece for its aging stock of meters, and a huge increase in angered customers over recent years.” Terry Lynch is not happy!

No corporate donations for Obama inaugural, Nikita Stewart reports in WaPo, and individual donations are limited to $50,000. (Examiner, AP also cover.) Interesting move—-you catch this, Mr. Mayor?

IN OTHER INAUGURAL NEWS—-Beat the crowds, attend the Jan. 11 dress rehearsal. Mayoral brother Bill Daley is top inaugural guy. Philly cops coming down to help out.

Lawyer Greg Lattimer prepares to collect yet another big judgment from the D.C. government, WaPo reports. He’s suing on behalf of the family of 18-year-old Karl Grimes, who died three years ago this week from injuries sustained in a fight with fellow residents at the Oak Hill juvenile detention center. “The suit alleges that D.C. officials were aware that staffing and supervision at the facility were not sufficient to ensure the safety of its residents. The suit also says there was a ‘significant delay’ in giving Grimes medical care.”

Family of Robert Wone sues former housemates, all of whom have been charged by authorities with obstruction of justice, for covering up Wone’s August 2006 murder. The complaint, filed by Covington partner Benjamin Razi, “alleges that the three former housemates ‘conspired to thwart the investigation’ [and] ‘fraudulently concealed the existence of facts’ in the case, including “cleaning up and staging the crime scene, planting and destroying evidence, delaying the reporting of the murder to the authorities and lying to police.” Also NC8 story.

Parents upset by closing of Parks and Rec—operated day care centers, WUSA-TV reports. “Five day care programs in DC Department of Parks and Recreation buildings are being consolidated with other locations….The United Planning Organization funds the DPR centers. UPO officials released a statement that says changes are being made to provide more services for children ages 0-3 years.”

D.C. for Obama bangs the drum for help with Georgia Senate runoff. “It’s one example of how some Obama supporters are keeping their organizations intact, and may be a glimpse of the kind of activism to come during the Obama administration, writes David Nakamura.

TURKEY TIME—-Thousands line up at FedExField for free turkeys and trimmings; “The crowd seems to have doubled since last year,” organizer tells WaTimes. Try to keep off roads between noon and 8 p.m. 14th and You has some “Alternate Thanksgiving” ideas—-including running with Hizzoner in Bread for the City’s 5K Turkey Trot.

Harry Thomas Jr. laments the life of a sports parent at Thanksgiving, on the road at kids’ tournaments: “The roads are mostly empty except for other families as crazy as you,” Thomas, “who spent last Thanksgiving in South Carolina and last Christmas in California so that his son could play for an elite national-level baseball team,” told WaPo. “It’s easy to recognize another sports family. It’s like a culture of its own.”

District signs “Army Community Covenant,” “a symbolic pledge of support between the community, soldiers and their families,” at Southwest waterfront ceremony, NC8 reports. Tommy Wells, Eleanor Holmes Norton were on the scene.

Bank robber hails cab to escape scene of crime, after dye pack explodes all over his loot. Francis Clifton Marshall was arrested after a tip from the cabbie, who was handed dye-soaked bills. DCist has a sweet eyewitness account; Marshall apparent had some problems with his pants, as well. WUSA-TV reports Marshall is suspected in Monday robbery, too. Also WTTG-TV video.

Water mains fail across city—-fouling, among other thoroughfares, 16th Street NW and Minnesota Avenue SE. “The breaks, which often result from fluctuating temperatures, come as the mercury in the area has dropped below freezing on six of the past eight days,” sez WaPo.

WaPo letter writer: “Do we truly believe that the Metro system can accommodate millions on Jan. 20 if a simple rush hour can create a near-crisis?”

La. Rep. William Jefferson‘s victory after federal corruption charges reminds blogger Eric Easter of an old Chris Rock joke: “How bad a candidate do you have to be to lose to Marion Barry?” Apropos because Easter helped run John Ray‘s 1994 failed mayoral run against the mayor-for-life.

Fenty intern, fellow Oberlin alum named Rhodes scholar. Lucas Brown “conduct[ed] research on D.C.’s job training programs and inspect[ed] earmarks for Fenty’s budget director, Will Singer ’03.”

Sam Smith not happy about Taxation Without Representation Avenue. “The slogan…is a colonial one, dreamed up by Massachusetts businessmen who wanted nothing more than a few seats in Parliament. It is a degrading slogan with a goal that will not significantly reduce our colonial status.”

IN RHEELATED NEWS—-Rhee tells Time Web site she almost voted for John McCain (even though top aide Jason Kamras advised the Obama camp). That Rhee was a supporter of McCain’s education policy is not a surprise.
—-WaPo letter writer wishes Rhee would slow down and look at the data: “Has she missed the data on public school test scores vs. charter school scores? Charter schools…can fire teachers at will, and yet few of them are outperforming their public school counterparts. If firing teachers lay at the heart of the problem, wouldn’t these charter schools be doing better by Ms. Rhee’s favorite yardstick, test scores?”
—-Newsweek floats some SecEd possibilites, and Rhee’s name is mentioned. Dee Does the District (like LL) thinks that’s dumb: “I think Obama would prefer to play it safe and not anger the teachers’ unions.”

IN REGIONAL CORRUPTION NEWS—-Former P.G. Co. schools chief Andre Hornsby is off to prison on Jan. 2. Six years!

Lanier details her most “haunting” cold cases to WRC-TV.

NOT JUST NEWSPAPERS ANYMORE—-Museum about newspapers cuts 25 staff positions.

WashInformer covers voting rights developments.

TODAY ON NEWSTALK WITH BRUCE DEPUYT—-WMATA Assistant GM Christian Kent talks about the recently released MetroAccess report. NC8 at 4 p.m., 8:30 p.m., and 11 p.m.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-No events scheduled.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-No public events scheduled.