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The Redskins held a very respectful tribute to Sean Taylor. They included his family. They brought out Joe Gibbs. The team unveiled his name on the ring of fame or whatever it’s called. There was speculation on City Desk that this would play to the Skins’ advantage. They’d play for No. 21 and win. But we don’t play well when we’re playing for Sean.

The last time the Skins had to play for Sean? That was the game in which Gibbs screwed up the timeouts and the team ended up losing to the lowly Bills. Final score of that tribute: 17-16, Bills with the W. Final score of this tribute: 23-7, Giants with the big dominating win.

Guess what? Tribute or no tribute, the Skins kinda suck.

Our defense bend-but-don’t break ethos holds up only for a few quarters (unless you like watching the other team’s running back take over). (We actually have a pretty good defense). (But jeez, the Giants did dominate the time-of-possession).

Our offense is filled with slow, old lineman who can’t stop a blitz. You wanna know what you get when you use up your draft picks on wide receivers? A bunch of slow, old linemen. Our QB is still green, still holds onto the ball for too long, and still (!) throws a four-yard pass when it’s third-and-six. Ugh.

And the Skins’ special teams are terrible. When it’s early in the first quarter, and you are screaming at the television set over our lousy punter, the team—-not you—-has real problems.

This Giants game was made more miserable by the TV announcers’ running, ad-libbed defense of Plaxico Burress. At one point, I think they actually compared the Burress incident with Sean Taylor’s incident. Sean Taylor was shot by an intruder. He was murdered. Burress shot himself in the leg at a club. Even the teammate he was with has already ratted on him.

Whether or not the Giants will ever pay tribute to the Burress incident is up to the team’s ownership. What matters is what the Skins should do next. On the Sports Talk, callers came out against Zorn. And my brother wants Jason Campbell traded. What should the Skins do?