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Whatever feelings of fraternity and common cause that once glued together Creative Loafing, the star-crossed company that purchased City Paper last year and declared bankruptcy recently, are getting a little less sticky.

First, the bankruptcy. Then last week, Ken Edelstein, editor of CL’s Atlanta paper, was canned. Then, as McKenna noted on Friday, John Sugg, a former senior editorial type at the paper, went rogue. He gave some angry quotes to Atlanta Magazine‘s Steve Fennessy, who’s been doing a terrific job documenting the growing weirdness. Then he published a piece in a rival paper (which just publicly offered what may or may not be chump change to buy CL Atlanta) that talked about “CL’s ongoing train wreck” and laid blame at the feet of company CEO Ben Eason (with whom Edelstein had some sort of conflagration before he was terminated).

NOW, Mara Shalhoup, a decorated writer at the Atlanta paper, fires back at Sugg, saying his numerous conflicts of interest weren’t detailed in that piece.

This would all be terribly entertaining if I weren’t wondering whether I’ll have health care come Christmas.

Photo of “R.E.M. trestle” by me!