Renew Shaw has the scoop on where to get a decent Christmas Tree.

D.C. Foodies writes an exhaustive (and awesome) first person account of smoking some BBQ in the winter time:

“I understand why some people say Labor Day is the official end of grilling season. I understood it acutely on a recent Saturday morning as my breath fogged the air in front of me. As much as I believe that grilling is a year-round activity, there are a few things that are better done during the warmer months. Smoking meat is on the top of that list. Rather, smoking meat was on the top of that list.”

Meanwhile, our own Young & Hungry tries out organic pancakes in a can.

And Now, Anacostia has a recap of last week’s meeting on Poplar Point: “Biggest complaint: the city still has not figured out how to publicize these meetings (no mention of it on the city website, no way to sign up to receive emails, etc). Regardless, Birney Elementary was filled with people eager to learn more about the awesome future we all want in Poplar Point.” We’ve debated Poplar Point some months ago.

Brightest Young Things reports on a band that’s getting more of a backlash than Vampire Weekend.

Intangible Arts spots an awesome Obama poster.

The Triangle is on flood watch detail.

And last night we talked to a high-ranking D.C. Police Department official about how they teach officers in dealing with mentally-ill residents in crisis. And got some confusing answers.

*photo by Young & Hungry.