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Here’s a good idea. New Columbia Heights has a semi-regular feature where they review Metro bus lines. The blog’s latest installment focuses on the Buses of 14th Street—the 52, 53, and 54. The reviewer lets it rip:

“I’ve taken this bus heading south during rush hour and not during rush hour, and it’s always a pain. They don’t come very regularly, and they make so many stops (often every block) that it’s practically faster to walk. I’ve started taking them for work during rush hour, and it’s terrible – it takes about half an hour to go from 14th and Euclid St NW, roughly, to 14th and F. That’s less than 2 miles. I could roll down the hill faster.”

There has to be better bus lines. There has to be worse bus lines. I really dig the 16th Street-to-Silver Spring bus. The 42 isn’t bad either. I’ve heard from sources over the years that the buses that run along MLK Ave SE are terrible after school lets out.

What are your bus horror stories?