We worker bees at City Paper haven’t heard any buzz about this year’s company Christmas Party.

These things used to be a big deal around town. The talk about City Paper Christmas Parties used to start as a whisper a little after Halloween and grow to a shout by the time the soiree came off.

Mayors showed up. Liquor flowed. Painfully loud music played. Lampshades were worn. Vomit was vomited.

Perhaps I’m just out of the loop. But I’m guessing the buzz-free ambiance means there won’t be a City Paper Christmas Party for 2008.

That would put us at 0 for 2 for Christmas Parties under our current ownership, since 2K7 came and went without one.

From what we read, the current business model fared even worse this year than last.


So it’s understandable that as the holiday season unravels down South, our owners aren’t concerned about whether we Washingtonians get our fill of mayors, liquor, music, lampshades and vomit.

But maybe they should be. I’m no Tom Peters, but from what I’ve read in the business section of those newspapers that still write stories, corporate America never lets a little destitution get in the way of a good bash for the employees.

So let’s do things the AIG way: Party now, worry later!

Waddaya say, Creative Loafing?

Gimme the word, and I’ll book the Hay Adams! Or the Chuck E. Cheese*! Your call.

But remember, there’s only 20 drinking days left til Christmas…

*Yes, the Alexandria outpost of Chuck E. Cheese does serve booze. Who knew?