The problem with “jumping the shark” is not that the phrase itself has “jumped the shark.” It’s not that the possibility of one’s own shark-jumping can lead to excellent blogging. It’s that once one has “jumped the shark” (beggared its cultural capital) there is no mention of where the shark-jumper completes his, her, or its arc.

I have the answer. When something has well and truly jumped the shark, it lands…

…on a banana.

This is obviously a key cultural moment; I’d appreciate it if anyone who uses the phrase “jumps the shark and lands on a banana” would kindly link back to this post. If for no other reason than when a piece of fruit with a sticker that says “I CAN HAZ POTAZZEE-YUM” appears, my own cultural capital (which is measured in page views) will soar. And let’s face it, “Dead Balls Era” is getting this blog nowhere.