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Jonathan Rees may or may not be dead, but the hate he spewed in the comment sections of various local sites is very much alive… and worse than ever. Most egregious case I’ve seen in awhile comes today on WTOP’s item about the 2-year-old triplets in critical condition after a horrendous MoCo fire. The Post‘s coverage in this a.m.’s paper was pretty thorough. It’s a real tragedy. But not to some:

The dad’s DHS?!?!!!
and he has no smoke detectors?? what-da-ef? I feel so secure knowing a dad with no smoke detectors is watching my homeland. UnBelievAble.
by kckat @ 11:55am – Thu Dec 4th, 2008

Here’s another good one:

This family needs to prioritize.
To be a fly on the wall and listen to the discussion this family had must of been interesting. I wonder if it went something like this:
“Let’s not have smoke detectors, but let’s get a hot tub, and we’ll either wire it ourselves or bring in a guy standing on the corner to wire it. With the money that we save we can hire a nanny who will watch our triplets. Two working battery powered smoke detectors would probably cost us less than $30, but given the cost it will take to heat the hot tub, let’s wait.”
Must make some of us feel pretty safe that this Dad works for Homeland Security. Be afraid, be very afraid.
by John D. @ 7:56am – Thu Dec 4th, 2008

Or how about someone who derides a man who may lose three children because he has a nice house?

You forgot to mention
the house is probably worth a million. The man should be locked up for child negligence. Unforgivable.

by BAC @ 8:11am – Thu Dec 4th, 2008