These lean times call on austerity measures of all sorts. All luxuries must be cut out. No more steakhouse dinners. No more lattes or custom beverages of any sort. No more room service or even hotel stays. Hostels! If there’s anything good that you want to eat or do, do it at home.

Such appears to be the inspiration behind Dynamic Living’s “Shampoo-Aide.” This is a plastic device that aims to replicate in the privacy of your own home the fab feeling of getting your hair washed at the salon. Here’s the product in action (upper right):

Now, a couple of points here. One, just who are you going to get to wash your hair? And just how does that transaction go? Hey, I really like that nice warm feeling when somebody at the salon washes my hair. Would you mind doing that for me after dinner?

And two, part of the appeal of getting that salon hair-wash is that you back up onto a really sturdy sink and you feel really secure there. This thing is a foldable, $70 plastic contraption. Think you’re really going to feel comfortable leaning back into this thing. Oh, and one more thing: It’s the hose that makes the salon hair-wash. Who’s got one of those sitting around in their bathroom sink?