Update:It’s on. Find out how to use the inaugural bike valet here

The Washington Area Bicycle Association’s Henry Mesias says a 2:30 meeting between the organization and the District Department of Transportation yesterday, in which plans to allow WABA to set up a bike valet station for Inauguration Day were discussed, “went well.”  But he also says that the organization won’t know if inauguration-goers arriving by cycle will be able to hand their vehicles over to a crew of frocked WABA volunteers, until later: A number of folks “at the top of the ladder” will have to sign off on the idea, he explains.

Mesias is hoping that, for the sake of inaugural-pedalers, the station gets approved. “Biking will be the best way to get to the inauguration,” he contends, “roads are going to be out of the question and Metro will be overburdened. [Without a valet station] there might  be a lot of people parking their bikes in places they shouldn’t and getting their bike locks cut by Secret Service.”