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Quick rant: I’ve been riding on Benning Road pretty regularly since this past spring. And it is still being worked on. It’s a fucking disaster of uneven pavement, narrowing lanes, construction debris. It’s an obstacle course. Does anyone know how long Benning has been under construction? Does anyone know how much longer we will have to endure?

Bloomingdale (for now) wonders if there are two Bloomingdales. A letter from a District official confuses things.

The Triangle reports on new developments for a project called the “Yale Complex.” This has to be the worst name for new housing development.

Upset the Setup has already determined what the new Common album is really worth.

Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could previous a really cool X-Mas event: “The Washington Waterfront Association invites all to attend the annual Parade of Lighted Boats in the Washington Channel on Saturday, December 6th, 4:00pm, Flotilla at 5:00pm…” Too bad Duke Cunningham won’t be part of these festivities.

Black Plastic Bag reports that the Vinyl District has some big news.

D.C. Foodies tests a recipe for curried carrot and sweet potato ginger soup:

“This is the perfect time of year to create vegetable stocks because there really is only so much you can do with carrots, celery and onions. You can then freeze the stock using freezer bags, a freezer hearty container or in ice cube trays. And since it’s winter, you will need a lot of stock for the many, many, many soups and pot roasts one inevitably makes when it turns cold.”

Wonkette has a theory on why downtown smells like shit.

A must read.