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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“At Birthday Bash, Fenty Returns to Campaign Mode“; “New Utah Rep Against D.C. Congressional Vote

Morning all. Some blockbuster revelations have emerged from Hizzoner’s birthday bash Saturday. For one, “Adrien Fentyflexed his foreign-policy chops, telling Moroccans that Barack Obama giving a speech in Morocco “is a good Idea, Morocco is an ideal location for that speech.” And in other shocking Morocco-related news, “His father, Phil Fenty, informed the Moroccan Community members present that his own grandfather is from Morocco. the Group members were startled by this unexpected piece of information and promptly admitted the mayor and his family to the Moroccan American community since the mayor’s own great grand father was Moroccan and celebrated the event with a well deserved glass of fresh mineral water.”

Fire chief Dennis Rubin orders cadets to help out at Jim Graham‘s holiday party next week, Scott McCabe reports in Examiner. The heroes in abeyance also worked Graham’s birthday party earlier this year. Rubin says it’s all about community service: “The first time that a firefighter puts a hand on an individual should not happen during an actual emergency,” he said, in a quote that did not come out right at all. Says union chief Kenny Lyons: “[Rubin]’s using the recruits to write a political check.”

The school boa…er, the D.C. Council ponders whether to institute a “uniform” system of school suspensions, as proposed by Marion Barry and Harry Thomas Jr. “There seems to be a strong argument to me that there needs to be some consistency,” Vincent C. Gray said at a hearing, according to WaPo’s Timothy Wilson. But “create a civil cause of action for parents of aggrieved students”? Sheezus—-just what DCPS needs: more lawsuits. LL’S PLEA—-Listen to Ted Trabue and give the State Board of Education something to do!

Everyone agrees parking meter rates are too low, Michael Neibauer reports in Examiner, but what to do with all that extra money? Let DDOT keep it, or spend it on social services. Surprise: DDOT should keep it, says DDOT. Also WTOP. GGW looks at how cheap parking is like a all-you-can-eat buffet—-“a buffet where almost all of the food is gone, and all you can get is scraps, or go to the high-priced restaurant across the street.”

TWO MORE SENTENCES IN OTR SCAM—-Patricia and Robert Steven sentenced by federal judge in Greenbelt. His: three years, 10 months; hers: five years, two months. Said Judge Alexander Williams Jr.: “It’s really hard to even put a description on what happened here. What occurred here is almost mind-blowing,” WaPo reports. “Prosecutors have said that the Stevenses used the illegally-obtained money to buy two Maryland houses, one in Edgewater and one in Harwood; four Jaguar vehicles, tropical vacations and diamonds and other jewelry worth more than $150,000.” Also Examiner.

ALSO—-Prosecutors seize $30K in jewelry bought by Harriette Walters and accomplice, McCabe reports.

One too many late-night phone calls from Jim Graham? Maria Delaney resigns as ABRA director, effective Dec. 31.

Southeast woman in critical condition after pit bull attack, NC8 reports.

Woman killed in Friday shooting was innocent victim of gang rivalry, police say.

Southeast man, former FEMA employee, sentenced to 64 months in $150K fraud case.

Peter Nickles goes after local lawyer for filing “frivolous” special ed lawsuits. The AG is suing John A. Straus under federal law “to recover the cost for DCPS attorneys’ work in meritless special education litigation instituted by Straus,” Washington Continent reports.

A “leading member” of the education reform community tells New Republic reporter that Michelle Rhee, among others, is lobbying Obama administration to pick a reformer SecEd—-i.e., not Linda Darling-Hammond.

Did Cary Silverman catch former campaign foe Jack Evans in a flip-flop when it comes to letting business owners keep guns? Seems that way! “The Other 35 Percent” will put that in their oppo file for 2012—-might be enough to make it 36 percent!

Paper transfers likely to die on Circulator, Arlington Rapid Transit buses, too, Kytja Weir reports in Examiner. AND IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY—-Read Sarah Godfrey‘s WCP cover story on what’s really lost when paper transfers are axed: one of the great mundane frauds of urban life.

Couple juicy, wholly unconfirmed educational tidbits from Dee Does the District: DCPS has asked D.C. Teaching Fellows to provide teachers mid-year to fill vacant elementary positions, and D.C. is now Teach for America’s most popular location nationwide.


4,500 more inaug hotel rooms released, WaPo’s Michael Ruane reports. “About 1,500 rooms inside the Capital Beltway and 3,000 outside the Beltway became available last week, when advance room contracts were not signed”—-whatever that means.

Parking 10,000 charter buses poses “unprecedented logistical nightmare,” Lena Sun writes in WaPo.

Crowds could overwhelm cell phone systems!

BALLS! BALLS! BALLS!—-10 official, 45 not so official.

No, you’re not getting Oprah tix.

Inaug will mean “economic boom and a logistical deluge,” Jonathan O’Connell reports in Biz Journal. NOTE—-“There is no forecast yet for the tax benefits to the city for the inauguration, something that will be included in D.C. Chief Financial Officer Natwar Gandhi‘s next revenue projection, expected in the coming week.”

NOTE TO LL’S BOSS—-Media credentials will not be handed out lightly, inaugural planners tell Examiner’s Leah Fabel. “We’re hoping outlets will be smart about this and not request 10 credentials,” says one muckamuck.
“It’ll be more like one.” LL’s distinguished publication, for the record, has requested 12.


At D.C. Wire, Bill Turque runs down the history of education reform, as told by covers of Time magazine.

PAY UP, VINCE—-Skins’ lousy Sunday-night performance means Gray owes chili half-smokes to a bunch of Baltimoreans.

ADDING INCARCERATION TO INSULT—-N.Y. Rep. Vito Fossella gets five days in Alexandria city jail for the DUI that ended his political career. Before getting pulled over, he’d been at Logan Tavern on P Street NW, with a friend “so drunk he fell face first into a table, breaking it.”

Colin Powell helps raise $1M for MLK Memorial.

EHN gives talk on HIV/AIDS, says nice things about Eric Holder—-both from District Chronicles.

LL’s journalistic alma mater undertakes some fine college investigative reporting, learns that recently deposed 2D commander Mark Carter presided over a huge rise in open-container arrests!

More on hero priest!

D.C. to Get Hella Wasted for Obama Inauguration

Michelle Rhee Is A Bad Ass“: “We don’t know any other way to say this except to come right out with it…we’re aroused. Like, literally.”

REALM OF THE BIZARRE—-“Three charred monkeys” found in traveler’s luggage at Dulles.

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-11 a.m.: Committee on Public Works and the Environment meeting, JAWB 123; Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary hearing on PR17-1127, JAWB 412; 12:30 p.m.: Committee on Finance and Revenue hearing on B17-660, B17-781, B17-984, B17-1034, PR17-1147, and PR17-1173, JAWB 500; 1 p.m.: Committee on Workforce Development and Government Operations hearing on PR17-1163, JAWB 120; 1:30 p.m.: Committee on Finance and Revenue hearing on Anthony Bowen YMCA Redevelopment Project, PR 17-1202, JAWB 500; 2 p.m.: Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary meeting, JAWB 123.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-7:30 a.m.: guest, Joe Madison Morning Show, WOL-AM; 10:45 a.m.: remarks,
Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library groundbreaking, 1701 8th St. NW; 6:30 p.m.: remarks,
D.C. Concerns of Police Survivors Christmas tree lighting, Henry J. Daly Building, 300 Indiana Ave. NW.