At a 10:00 am meeting today, Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth presented her strategy for the future of the franchise. According to a person who attended the affair, there’s nothing radical in the vision.

Here it is: The Post, going forward (and even backward), is to be a comprehensive source of information for locals, for everything from breaking news to buying movie tickets. Nationally, the focus, explained Weymouth, will be to populate the Web site with stuff for which people rely on the Post, particularly news and information about the federal government. To put a little more meat on that bone, part of the plan will involve making the paper’s federal government coverage more germane to federal workers around the country, not just in this region. Also along these lines, the push will be to create new products for the fed audience, including perhaps conferences and exhibitions that carry the Washington Post brand.

Weymouth did address the matter that’s on the minds of newsies everywhere: workforce reductions. She reportedly said that further cost reductions are necessary and that in terms of personnel, everything’s on the table, though nothing has yet been decided.

Interesting: Back in October, senior managers looked at a previous iteration of the strategy and termed it too vague. They needed more marching orders, they said. This particular presentation doesn’t appear to have filled that void. One source said execution, at this point, is really the key.

For those seeking more detail, see Washington City Paper‘s very own strategic plan for the Washington Post.