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Yesterday came the kind of story local politics nerds like LL dream of.

LL was so entranced by the criminal complaint filed by federal prosecutors against Elvis-lovin’, bad-hair-wearin’, newspaper-blackmailin’ Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (or is that ROD BLAGOJEVICH) that he thoroughly blew his columnar deadline while he read every page of the thing.

For the rest of the day, LL was somewhat morose, as he pondered what might have been had he stayed a little closer to his ancestral home in Northwest Indiana—-maybe taken that scholarship up at Loyola University Chicago, scrapped his way into a job writing politics for the local alt rag…

All of this navelgazing is a really longwinded way of telling you to check out the blanket coverage of the Blago “crime spree” provided by our corporate cousins over at the Chicago Reader.

Really prime stuff there—-especially from Michael Miner, who writes, “It was the first time in ages when if you were a reporter at a newspaper in Chicago you wouldn’t have wanted to hold any other job in the world.”

It was also the first time in ages LL thought he’d rather be doing his job in another town. Then he realized Marion Barry still holds elective office here.

Crisis averted.