Today is a classic D.C. late-fall day. You got a lot of rain, and temperatures just north of freezing. The combination of wet and cold can make for some miserable people. One friend once told me the story of a woman who was suffering through just these conditions and remarked, You know, I live in Montana, and I’ve never felt this cold.

These wintry credentials, you might think, would make the area prime Snuggie turf. Oh, don’t know what a Snuggie is? Well, it’s the blanket-sweater hybrid that’s supposed to make people more comfy in their own homes during these cold blasts. Have a look:

So, yeah, what you get is a blanket with sleeves. It’s not a bad thought—after all, haven’t we all struggled to find a way to keep that blanket on us while we try to read or sip a hot cocoa!

But no one wants to look like a cult member, even in their home. And I’d imagine that cult members themselves would consider the Snuggie to be a betrayal of authentic cult garb, because it’s made of fleece!

Take a look at the photo above, at the ball game, in the interest of further ranting. Of what team are the people in the above photo fans? The Washington Monks?