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Last night’s brazen shooting outside of Marie Reed is, according to Councilmember Jim Graham, the first killing in Adams Morgan this year. Although, he notes, there has been violence. (Yeah, we know. Some of it pretty awful.)

Cops have taken to sitting in their cars in the dark area where Champlain Street dead-ends because it’s a well-known problem area. (Yeah, we know that, too.) The street is eventually going to open up, limiting its dark corners, which is a great move.

But about the shooting: No one feels at ease when someone gets shot to death in their neighborhood, especially when the shooting happens in a playground near a busy commercial strip at 8 o’clock in the evening. Especially when the shooter gets away. And, especially for some on my neighborhood forum, when you live in Northwest near what you think is scary Section 8 housing.

Leave it to the yahoos on the Adams Morgan Listserv to blame the murder on public housing even though “I fully support it,” says “Dave.”

Having lived on 18th street for 5 years now, and on a daily basis drive by the corner of Kalorama &  Champlain, it’s because of the section 8 housing that exists there. On dozens of occasions my wife and/or I have been harassed by groups of guys just “hanging out” on the corner there. Whether walking by with the dog (which we don’t do anymore) or driving by, it’s unbelievable what goes on on that corner. I understand the need for subsidized housing, and I fully support it. But this is where one of the main problems in our neighborhood lies. Having a cop sit in his car around the corner from here obviously doesnt deter anything, as proved by yesterdays shooting.

This is the classic liberal B.S. disguised as “concern” that is the hallmark of some squeaky wheels in Adams Morgan. Fortunately Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Bryan Weaver gets his facts straight: The scary housing where people “hang out” is a resident-owned co-op. I guess “Dave” will have to find someone else to blame, I mean other than the murderer who open-fired.