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Doubt: Meryl’s set loose as the most terrifying of school administrators — a nun in 1960s Brooklyn — in this play-cum-movie about a suspicious priest who’s suspected of taking Vatican II’s suggestion that clergy warmly reach out to their flock a little too far. Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman face off while Amy Adams looks adorably unnerved.

Frost/Nixon: Another film adaptation of a much-awarded play; in translation, mistakes were not made.

Azur & Asmar: An animated kids’ movie that doesn’t think your kids are stupid. (It’s partly in Arabic, for chrissake.) Nice to look at, a good-for-you message, and a relief from high-octane Hollywood cartoons.

Were the World Mine: Gay musical — not always an oxymoron. Based on a short called Fairies about a teenager who discovers a love-potion recipe hidden in the script of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and proceeds to lighten his town’s collective loafers.

The Day the Earth Stood Still: Keanu Reeves plays a “friend to the Earth,” aka an emotionless alien, aka a Reeves role of a lifetime. Remake of 1951 sci-fi classic with the result you expect when people fuck with classics.

Nothing Like the Holidays: According to its press-release description, “the humorous and heartwarming story of one unforgettable family holiday.” Enough said.

(For critical consensus on the last three, try Rotten Tomatoes. Normally I provide direct links, but I’m stuck in Buffalo using an Internet connection that’s attached to a mastodon trunk.)