The Washington Post is reporting that yesterday afternoon, a teenager was fatally stabbed at 14th and Newton Streets NW. This is a particularly busy intersection with plenty of pedestrian foot traffic. There are tons of people either waiting at the bus stops along 14th Street or milling about businesses like Target, Sticky Fingers, Best Buy, etc. The Post writes:

“The teenager was found about 4:30 p.m. in the roadway near 14th and Newton streets NW. Officials said their best information indicated that he was 14 or 15. His name was not immediately available….

A witness said that about the time of the stabbing, he saw several youths, one with a knife, two others with belts around their fists, urging each other on as they raced up 14th Street.”

This follows the homicide on Kenyon Street. And the fatal shooting on Champlain Street. Both happened earlier this week.

The Post account of the fatal stabbing goes on to state:

“[The witness] said the youth with the knife carried it in his right hand and wore a mask and a black hood. As the man waited to cross the street, he said, he saw one of the youths pull off his belt and wrap it around a hand.

There ‘must have been a dozen or so kids who ran northbound,’ the man said. There was ‘a huge group that took off,’ the man said. ‘I couldn’t make out who was chasing who.’ After the stabbing, someone knocked on the door of a firehouse on 14th Street to summon aid.

Someone who went to help the youth and declined to be identified by name said the victim appeared to be unable to speak and ‘was going downhill fast.'”

Meanwhile Colbert King is reporting about two different agencies with two different views on youth crime statistics.

Update 12/16: The teenage victim has been identified. Here’s WJLA’s account:

“Gionvanni Sanchez, of the 1300 block of Underwood Street NW, was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead, after a fight broke out between two groups of teens at the intersection of 14th and Newton Streets.”

In a separate Green Line-related incident, a teen was stabbed with an ice pick on Saturday night. He was stabbed outside of the U Street Metro. He then rode the train up to Columbia Heights. He suffered minor injuries, according to NBC.

Fox breaks down the pre-ice-pick moments:

“An argument at a Metro station ended with a stabbing Saturday night. Metro says that a group of young people were arguing and began fighting at the U Street station at 13 and U Streets.”