WaPo Ombo Deborah Howell‘s got the scoop on how to get more women readers: “Opportunities abound, especially on Page 1, to draw in women with stories about families, relationships and parenting. The Post in print has precious little coverage of those topics outside of Style advice columnists. Washingtonpost.com has a blog, On Parenting, and women gravitate to the Web site’s Smart Living page. Women also care about consumer issues, which can get short shrift.” The tune-out of young mothers is something that has vexed the Post for some time, so much so that the place created a task force to look into the problem. The group, in Howell’s words, urged “top male editors to pay more attention to issues that draw women, to look for female experts to be quoted, for female leaders to be featured and for women to be in photos as much as men.”

‘Skins are looking dreadful. I watched two or three plays of their 20-13 loss to Cincinnati and decided I’d miss nothing if I kept the TV exactly where it should be: off.

DCist updates us on the disaster that is the Adams Morgan taxi stand. Think about this for a second: This is an attempt to carve an island of order and efficiency out of the late-night weekend scene in D.C.’s most mayheminent intoxication zone. Never was gonna work.

Peter Nickles—picking the wrong fight on spec. ed., according to City Desk.

Charter schools were supposed to provide public schools with some capitalistic competition; they were going to give parents new options, new hope; they were going to revolutionize public education. OK, now, depending on where you stand, they may have done all or none of those things. But one thing’s beyond dispute: They’re a great way for savvy people to access the taxpayer’s money. Examples courtesy of Washington Post.

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