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The fictional author of a Dec. 10 op-ed in the Onion writes about his elaborate plan to exterminate mice in his kitchen. He’s so crazy that he set up a decoy mouse and a video camera “to capture the remorse” of the vermin when he catches them.

What’s really weird about this is that my real-life friend Tony already did this exact thing, in real life, and started a website about it on Nov. 21. City Desk linked to the mousecapades on Dec. 9.

“What the hell,” says Tony, reached by telephone this morning for a reaction to the Onion story. He says that soon after he started his website, a friend who’d seen it told him he should write for the Onion. He thought that was a ridiculous idea: “Who writes about mice like that?”

I don’t think Tony’s story inspired the Onion‘s story, or that the Onion even borrowed a few details from Tony’s website. But this isn’t a coincidence, either. This is bigger than the Onion. This is a cosmic joke on Tony. It’s a prank of celestial proportions. It’s a higher power toying with Tony just like Tony is playing with the mice in his kitchen.

Maybe this is just a warning, and now Tony must either repent or start watching out for elaborate traps, decoy women, etc. Either way, keep it right here on City Desk for continued coverage of this ominous tale…

Photos courtesy The Onion and Tony