In this fast-paced world, we Americans are forever strapped for rest. What with work, the beginnings of a worldwide depression, kids, and charitable obligations, we find it necessary to grab a few winks in the most untraditional of sleep settings. Thank God, then, for the Pillowig, as illustrated below:

This is the rich man’s horseshoe airplane pillow. Look at what it offers: a cute look, ample fluffiness, a classy design, plus no chance whatsoever that your neck’ll be cramped, regardless of how your body is situated. With the Pillowig, there’s no telling where you could catch some zzz’s—at the DMV, for instance!

Our only question about the Pillowig relates to its provenance. Could it have found its inspiration in the getup that the great Peter Gabriel trotted out for the cover of 1973’s Genesis Live?