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Good morning, City Desk readers, and thanks to everyone who came to City Paper’s Christmas party—I hope your headaches are exponentially less painful than mine. And now some news:

  • In WaPo: The MPD has tied the death of 14-year-old Giovanni Sanchez to Mara Salvatrucha (also known as MS-13).
  • New Columbia Heights alludes to a new restaurant coming to 14th St.
  • Now that the recession has reduced individual spending power, says Penn Quarter Living, is it finally acceptable for good people to buy those cheap Prada knockoffs at the metro kiosks?
  • Word of new shopping options coming to Petworth, courtesy of Petworth News.
  • Braveheart over at River East Idealist sounds a call to arms: “Let us not develop River East just for development’s sake. Let’s fix broken windows and everything they represent.”
  • And Now, Anacostia has some good news and some bad news: Verizon FIOS is coming to Anacostia, but it won’t be fully in place for 9 years. (That’s kind of like Georgia Ave. resident fantasizing about the supposed trolley system that’s on its way.)
  • Also in WaPo: Police confiscate cocks in Virginia.

Update: Asher Corson, Mary Cheh’s communications director, writes in to clarify the FiOS deal: “The build out deadline is just that, a deadline, not a timeline.  What I mean to say: FiOS is more likely than not to be entirely built before the 9 year deadline.”