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WTOP reports that Mika Brzezinski, the coolest thing about MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” was mugged this morning outside a D.C. hotel. She was heading to interview Mayor Fenty about the inauguration:

“Without naming the hotel, her co-host Joe Scarborough blasted D.C. on the show the two co-host, ‘Morning Joe.’

The mugging, Brzezinski says, happened as she waited for a car to pick her up for the 6 a.m. broadcast. She says she was embarrassed by what happened and complained the bell desk should have been paying attention.

Brzezinski gave the mugger the $6 in cash she had on her, although he asked for $20.

Fenty, who was on the show to talk about the inauguration, assured her the matter would be investigated.”

There’s tons more details on Huffington Post. Poor Fenty! He goes on a morning chat show and gets blasted. Embarrassing.

*photo courtesy of Huffington Post.