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Aside from Constitution Ave., there aren’t too many places in the District to take a cheap dump. One can imagine how much bigger of a problem this will be come inauguration, when the Mall and downtown will swell like a tick on a hound dog. Turns out such worries are a waste of energy—WaPo reports that the Mall will have roughly 5,000 Porta-Potties in place for inauguration week:

If officials ordered the portable restrooms based on how many people they expect that day, then figure on crowds of 500,000 to 1.5 million people. That’s a wide range based on whose toilet-to-bladder recommendation is used. Don’s Johns recommends one unit for every 100 people. The National Park Service recommends one toilet for every 300, according to spokesman Bill Line, who points out that each event is different because of weather and time of year.

Officials with the Presidential Inaugural Committee aren’t saying how many people they expect.

The model that Don’s Johns provided for the Fourth of July celebration on the Mall this year has a 70-gallon holding tank and capacity for 125 to 150 uses between cleanings. Each unit comes with deluxe hand sanitizer and at least four rolls of toilet paper. That comes to 20,000 rolls of toilet paper, according to Bernadette Felice, sales manager for the Chantilly-based company, which is seeking to win the inaugural toilet contract.

In addition to portable restrooms, 13 museums will be open around the Mall, including the Holocaust Museum and the U.S. Botanic Gardens. That means people have other options besides, say, an 88-inch-tall, 44-inch-wide, forest-green-colored stall with extra-large doors.

Hopefully squeamish visitors will be able to get over their dislike of other peoples’ hot shit in close quarters.

Photo by Flickr user PinkMoose.