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In terms of news, all I could do was think about Obama’s announcement that Rick Warren would be giving the invocation at his Inauguration. I counted three moments where I freaked out about the news. Obama did not have to pick Warren. Before this dust up, how many people could recall who gave the last invocation? It’s a nothing position. Now, it’s worth something. Now, it means something.

Warren is the guy that wrote that “spiritual” life-guide paperback that you can buy in the Safeway checkout line. It’s next to the gum. I’m not going to link to the book because its not worth it. But Warren is a guy who has a thing about donuts—-if you give someone a donut it means you like them.

The Stranger has an awesome collection of Warren sermons. The stuff he says should provoke the media into a Wright-like frenzy. But it won’t. He’s just sexist and stupid (yeah, stupid). Here’s Warren on what makes a good church:

“Before men climb aboard, they want to see a man — a real man — at the helm. Men appreciate a pastor who’s bold and outspoken — one who shoots from the hip now and then. They also like pastors who do guy stuff. The more outdoorsy, athletic, or risky things you do, the more comfortable your men will be.

Most church buildings are adorned with quilts, flowers, lace, and banners. How do we expect men to connect with God in a room that looks like a beauty parlor?

Redecorate your worship space with men in mind. Take down the quilts and lace. Repaint using the colors of the field. Change your lighting. If you’ve got the guts, cover the walls with swords, shields, or maybe even mounted animal trophies.”

Thanks Obama! This is some real change! TPM has the goods on Warren too. His church bars unrepentent gays from its pews. So please, can someone tell me why it is important for Warren to be included in this historic inauguration?