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OK, so just moments after the announcement of a groundbreaking content-sharing agreement between the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, here comes a memo from the Post ‘s top sports editor, Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, saying, hey, in practice, we don’t have too much to share with our competitor.

I would abridge it and comment on it, but it speaks too majestically for itself:

As Bob’s email indicates, we are entering into a new era of cooperation with the Baltimore Sun hat will allow us access to some of their content. While this is an important accord, in actuality we are unlikely to use it very often because our newshole, like that of the restof the newsroom, will shrink next year. As some of you have heard, our Orioles coverage has fallen victim to the budget knife and this agreement allows us to use the Sun’s Orioles copy. But we’d be more likely to use the AP because we won’t have room for a long Orioles gamer by the Sun. Another
one of our budget cuts, our local horse racing coverage, is in a similar position. It is also important to remember that we will we will continue to have fight-to-the-death competition between the papers on the all-important University of Maryland beat. And we have no plans to share content on the Anne Arundel and Howard high school sports fronts for the moment either.

We are planning a staff meeting to discuss these and other changes as we continue our evolution through these turbulent times. But we’ll do that in early January. For now let’s focus on everyone having a happy holiday, or as happy as it can be for those headed to Boise.