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Like so many of you, I thought the Festivus Pole at 18th and Columbia was whimsical, delightful. Fun, even. But the longer this thing stays up and the more people continue to air their grievances, the more I am inclined to go humbug on Festivus. Right now is the Magic Time in our fair city, when all of the GD people leave and it becomes a lovely, temperate place to spend the holidays. But the pole is angry, my friends.

This morning I caught a new message, typical of what’s gone up there as of late: “I hate you.” Underneath, another grievancer had written a response in festive red pen: “Bitch.” So we’ve gone from WaPo waxing on about how the pole is the embodiment of our recession woes (not quite, but a nice effort), to this just being bitter blather. It was fun and all and thank you, Adams Morgan BID, for the entertainment. But Festivus is depressing us. Let’s take it down.

(Photo by Flickr user mringlein)