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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—-“No Apple Store for D.C. Anytime Soon

Morning all. LL’s feeling pretty good after Georgetown’s 74-63 road dismantling of UConn in Hartford last night.

PAGING COLBY KING—-WaPo’s Robert Pierre takes a look at Vincent Schiraldi‘s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services and his “evolving, controversial effort…to deter young delinquents from becoming career criminals by keeping fewer behind bars and surrounding the rest with counselors, drug rehabilitation and social workers at their homes to strengthen broken families.” Says Schiraldi, “You have got to lock up as few as possible….The ones you do lock up, you have got to treat them in a way that can turn their lives around and not create the self-concept that the next stop is D.C. jail and the federal Bureau of Prisons.”

Federal lawsuit filed by fired Oak Hill guard is dismissed, Bill Myers reports in Examiner: “U.S. Appeals Judge Karen LeCraft Henderson ruled that Johnson’s suit was premature and that she should have taken her case to a city board before filing a federal lawsuit….At trial, Johnson claimed that she was being unfairly blamed for systemic problems at the youth center. The three kids who slipped out on her watch went through a hole in a fence that had been cut six months earlier — by seven other teens who escaped.”

WaTimes editorial board slaps Adrian Fenty for not giving charters first dibs at closed school buildings: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with the mayor working with the business community to increase the city’s tax base. It is generally good policy to do so – and even more pertinent amid the recession. But the law is the law. And commercialization shouldn’t trump education.”

Young black males, ages 14 to 17, comprise an increasing proportion of both those committing murder and those becoming victims of murder, according to Northeastern University report covered by WaPo and Examiner. Writes WaPo’s Pierre, “The researchers did not break out statistics for the District, but juvenile arrests in homicides have risen from 10 last year to 16 this year….The change is striking in comparison with the number of homicides, which has stayed largely flat in the District, increasing less than 3 percent, from 180 last year to 185 so far this year.”

NYT reporters asked political scion, putative New York senatorial candidate Caroline Kennedy what she thought of Michelle Rhee and a tenure-free teachers contract. Her response, via EdWeek: “I think it has to be done, you know, collaboratively with the teachers and with the union. I think here the school-wide bonuses that we gave, here, that we’ve done with the union and the city — I mean, that is, I think, a good model.”

About 100 gather for vigil for 8-year-old Amari Hall in Congress Heights. S.S.’s plea: “These little people need to be protected. When you see something going wrong, rescue the child. Snatch the child and deal with the consequences later.” And here’s the latest police account, from WaPo’s Elissa Silverman: “Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes, who attended the vigil, said “there is no explanation” for Amari’s death….In an interview, Groomes recounted the events of Friday morning, when she said a woman pounded on a police cruiser, saying, in Groomes’s words, ‘I think I killed my child.’ Groomes said it appeared that the woman might have been under the influence of a substance, but she did not elaborate.” Also WTOP, NC8.

FATAL BEATING IN BRENTWOOD—-NC8: “Around 2:30 a.m.Tuesday morning, a man was attacked and stabbed multiple times in the 2700 block of 10th Street NE.”

AND FEW LEADS IN CABBIE SHOOTING—-NC8: “The 76-year-old cab driver who was shot five times over the weekend believes he was the victim of an attempted robbery. Detectives say they have not definitively established a motive for the shooting, and say they have very little to go on….Police say the driver dropped off a fare about 1:45 a.m. Saturday in the unit block of Webster Street NE. As he made a U-turn, he stopped to let another vehicle pass. Instead, the car stop and a passenger got out, pointed a gun at the elderly cabbie and yelled “Stop!”….The 76-year-old tried to flee but the gunman opened fire, police said. The victim was shot five times in his back and abdomen. Although critically wounded, he managed to drive away and called 911.”

Man shot at Rockville Metro station. And WTTG-TV reports on rise in Metro crime.

Early Ed Watch blog has a problem with DCPS 5YP: “There’s a lot of good stuff in there, but one glaring omission that really troubled me: A total lack of attention to early education.”

Detroit columnist wants Rhee-like school change, calling her a “transformational leader making great strides.”

Think tanks and charitable endowments smacked by bad economy, reports Myers in Examiner. “The average endowment has lost between 30 and 35 percent of its funds because of the poor economy, according to estimates by The Council on Foundations. This is happening just as the same poor economic conditions cause donors to cut back on charitable giving.” And: “The Council of Foundations estimates that endowments, the key funding source for think tanks, lost more than $200 billion in assets in the last few months of 2008.”

Examiner’s Barbara Hollingsworth slaps Metro for wage and salary increases: “Too many generous pay hikes over the past three years have pushed the base pay of Metro managers and unionized bus drivers, supervisors, train operators, and other employees significantly higher than it would otherwise be had the raises been tied to some rational measure such as the rate of inflation….[I]sn’t this the same kind of pay-yourself-first-no-matter-what mentality that nailed Detroit and Wall Street?”

NC8 has more on new library rules.

IN WAPO BRIEFS—-“Teen Is Charged With Murder In June Killing of Virginia Man”; “City Crews to Begin Collecting Christmas Trees Starting Friday”


THE OFFICIAL WORD—-The PIC says you should walk. Or take Metro if you must. And God forbid if you’re disabled: “Addressing itself particularly to those with special needs, the committee asked them to ponder their ability to stand in the cold in a big crowd for as long as six hours.”

Examiner’s Leah Fabel has more on the disability angle: “This is like a big, bold sign that says if you’re a person with a disability, this is not your event,” says Richard Simms of the D.C. Center for Independent Living.

HOPE EVERYTHING WORKS OUT…for this 105-year-old attending the festivities.

Michael Newdow is back! For the third consecutive inaugural, he and others want God out of the ceremony. And not just Rick Warren! Says con-law expert to Examiner: “I don’t think the courts will intervene.”

If you’re commuter-railing into town on Jan. 20, you better buy your tickets! “Virginia Railway Express has sold half of its 17,000 seats. MARC has sold almost 18,000 of its 25,000 available,” reports WTOP.

AP covers vendor protest at 941 North Cap.

26, 89 to appear at Jan. 17 celeb basketball game at Coolidge SHS. And Vernon Davis, too! (Def not Mike Singletary, though.)

Six gay clubs eligible to be open late for inaug, Blade reports.

For more on the inauguration, including the latest news, housing and rentals, parties, and events, check out City Paper‘s DC Inauguration Guide.


Feds charge former Iraqi embassy worker with spying for Saddam Hussein.

John Kelly has the story of three Detroit cabbies who gave a D.C.-area guy a Christmas Eve ride back to town, then got screwed.

D.C. government, DanTan rate a mention in USA Today story about ditching land lines.

WaPo profiles Bush homelessness czar, Philip Mangano, and highlights focus on Housing First.

D.C. couple cashes $1M Powerball ticket.

Modesto, Calif., letter writer: “I lived in Washington, D.C., while serving on active duty in the U.S. Army, and I can safely say that most of the city is an armpit. I wouldn’t send my kids to public schools there if my life depended on it.”

You could be Bill Clinton.

MARC cuts on the way.

WE’RE NO. 2!—-in literacy. Or is it No. 3?

D.C.-area airports are healthy!

D.C. COUNCIL TODAY—-No events scheduled.

ADRIAN FENTY TODAY—-No public events scheduled.