Taking a cue from Borat‘s interactive Web promotion, the site from upcoming horror flick The Unborn compels you to give your pals a taste of Captain Howdy: Upload a photo and the program mashes it into a Blair Witch-style video of a chick who’s already on her way to spinning heads and projectile vomit.

Hey, New Year’s is all about reinvention, isn’t it?

You’ll have to fiddle with what kind of pic works best; my one attempt to demonize my husband (solely in the spirit of the promo, of course) was underwhelming in terms of making him look the least bit possessed.

But the vid itself is kinda creepy, so try playing devil’s advocate yourself at It Wants to Be Born.

Encourage your friends to try a new look!” title=”exorcist” width=”207″ height=”300″ class=”size-medium wp-image-12843″ />

Encourage your friends to try a new look!