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I’m off to see Revolutionary Road in a bit and will be reviewing the cinematic reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate “Just Give Me a Damn Oscar Already” Winslet for Jan. 9’s issue.

I’m looking forward to it, despite reports that the film is little more than the former Titanic swooners verbally abusing each other for two hours. (L.A. Weekly’s Scott Foundas called it “a far more unsettling haunted-house story than The Amityville Horror.”)

If anything, I suspect I’ll have trouble accepting DiCaprio and Winslet as a grown-up, midlife-crisis-skirting couple. I think both are great actors, but Winslet has always appeared so womanly for her age, while DiCaprio may never outgrow his baby face. (When you see that teeny-seeming head on his nearly 6-foot body, it looks like a Photoshop gone wrong.)

Look for my less superficial reaction next week.