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Penn Quarter Living reports on another inauguration-themed store opening downtown. Ugh. More inauguration crap!

Life In Mount Vernon Square has troubles with the new Safeway. The complaints concern the lack of circulars and the feeling that they’ve been overcharged:

“The store hasn’t had circulars one time that I went in during the past 5-6 weeks.  Annoying yes, but it wouldn’t be such a big issue if the store actually labeled the sale items correctly.  I’ve been caught at the register overcharged, but unable to reference the flyer.  This past week, they didn’t even have circulars at the register and the one check out lady who had a flyer indicated that she had to buy the newspaper to get it (she kept it safely tucked in her back pocket).  When I’ve brought this up to Customer Service, they’ve given nothing but attitude or acted like they just ran out that morning.  That excuse doesn’t work for weeks on end.”

New Columbia Heights spots the craziest staircase at 13th and Otis NW.

And Now, Anacostia analyzes the situation at 1918 13th Street SE. The building’s zoning has been changed to allow the residential property to be turned into office space. The blogger wonders whether this is a good idea considering the low-density neighborhood. It also sparks a more intense discussion of 13th Street.

The Georgetown Metropolitan notes that the D.C. Police Department has dropped its daily crime summaries from at least one listserv: “Members of the MPD2d listserv may have noticed that they haven’t received a daily summary of crimes for the last two weeks. For those not receiving this listserv, the daily update of crimes provides a listing and description of each crime that occurred in the Second District separated into each PSA (Georgetown’s is 206).” Actually it’s for all listservs. The blog quotes a statement from Asst. Chief Diane Groomes as to why the summaries have stopped:

“In the past citizens did receive information via the listserv that was posted by a sworn member of the Department but we have found that the information was not uniform in nature and that some of the information revealed facts that were not for public information and jeopardized our investigatory process.”

Maybe this new policy has something to do with a certain officer named Delgado and the incident involving the alleged teenage robber.

Upset the Setup has some brand new DJ Eurok exclusive jams. We really dig “Arizona Cream” for bringing back a classic Public Enemy hook.  And “Crooklyn Klemer” deserves heavy rotation in every U Street club!

*photo courtesy of 7194KK found in our Neighborhood Flickr Pool.