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Shawntaye Debrew called me up tonight to say she’d read “In Loco Parentis,” my long, long story about her. She wanted to tell me she’s been off weed for about a month, and that she got herself a more aggressive lawyer to help her win custody of her two kids, Paris and London.

“I know if I’m clean they’ll give me my kids back,” she says.

She said she wanted to see what people are saying about her, so I emailed the link and listened to Shawntaye read aloud the mostly anonymous comments on the bottom of the page.

“She needs to shut up,” says Shawntaye in response to anonymous commenter Lala, who accused Shawntaye of continuous “breeding.”

Shawntaye was very touched by her sister Tamika‘s comment. She got a little choked-up reading the last part of it:

My sister had a baby trying to find herself. But what she found was love in the wrong place. She didnt neglect her daughter London if anything she did what she could to survive. Hell she had no mother so how could she be a mother. She improvised and did what ahe thought was best and yes I admit she made some mistakes along the way but so have I and so have you. My sister wants her daughters back and believe you me she will take every breath in her body to get them back.

Shawntaye added her own comment, too. Go to the story to check it out.