Just a little. And not because my fellow Americans (and Canadians) think 27 Dresses was 2008’s best comedy.

I was wearily zipping through the DVR’d show last night, stopping to catch only the movie-related awards or whenever something particularly ridiculous seemed to be going on.

(Most amusing were the “shout-outs” that appeared in the corner of the screen while anointed ones were walking to the stage, such as this comment about Reese Witherspoon from one Eve from Philadelphia: “She’s an amazing actor and she’s really smart!”)

But then, at the very end, flaming batwings appeared behind Queen Latifah and The Dark Knight lovefest began.

Because the Christopher Nolan blockbuster won every category it was nominated for — five of them, including Favorite Movie, Favorite Action Movie, Favorite Cast, Favorite Superhero, and Favorite On-Screen Matchup — the PC overlords decided to just give the film its own segment to cap the ceremony, labeling the honor The Most Ludicrously Incredible Movie the People’s Choice Voters and Producers Have Ever Seen, or something akin.

Considering the bulk of the show was devoted to lauding huh? movies such as 21, Eagle Eye, and The Secret Life of Bees (all rather odd noms for Favorite Drama), the celebration was a refreshing moment of…well, taste.

But what really got to me is when a smattering of TDK‘s cast and crew, including Christian Bale and Nolan, took the stage. They, as well as everyone watching, had to be thinking the same thing; the group seemed more somber than pleased.

And I realized that instead of feeling thrilled that the person who truly elevated the film will continue to get his due over the coming months, the reminder that Heath Ledger isn’t around to accept the praise himself just made me sad all over again.

Damn you, People’s Choice Awards! Next year, stick to honoring stuff like Paul Blart: Mall Cop so I don’t have to pretend I got popcorn salt in my eye.