Contrary to predictions made in this space recently, last night’s BCS championship game telecast on Fox-5 was NOT overrun with commercials for CashPoint.

That’s a locally-based financial outfit that hands out quick cash loans — with no credit check — to any sad sack who turns over a car’s title and a spare key.

I missed most of the first quarter of Florida/Oklahoma, but saw only two of Cashpoint’s beautifully awful spots during the rest of the game. Quite a departure from Monday’s BCS matchup of Texas and Ohio State, when viewers were forced to endure/treated to another, um, underproduced CashPoint ad every several minutes.

Instead, local breaks previously filled by Cashpoint spots were filled with ads for either a starving artist bazaar at a local hotel or a sell-off of overstocked electronics and computer equipment to be held at the DC Armory.

Anybody still doubt we’re in a depression?

On a more upbeat note, however: Anybody who followed the advice given in the same blog post and put their paycheck on Florida and gave the four points has no need today for economic stimulus.

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