(OK, so the announcement isn’t exactly “just in.” But until I can program RSS feeds to set off my alarm clock, I’ll typically be as useful as dead-tree papers in terms of reporting breaking news.)

So, my dear Twilight fans: Taylor Lautner will be back, despite being toyed with by Summit Entertainment and the People Who Make Decisions these last few weeks that they may not want him for the franchise’s second installment, New Moon. It’s a pleasant surprise, considering that the widely reported rumors were practically eulogistic.

That’s right, I said PLEASANT. I may have picked on director Catherine Hardwicke, writer Stephenie Meyer, and star Robert Pattinson for Twilight‘s tediousness.

But I blame Lautner for nothing — as Jacob, the Native American complication in the Bella-Edward love story, the erstwhile Sharkboy did good. He smiled, he charmed, he made the young girls cry. (Or at least squeal.) Way to go!

And now, let’s hear from you. Don’t be shy!