Hey there, blogger studs! Amateur photogs! Anyone else with a camera phone and a few spare seconds!

City Paper is launching its 2009 Inauguration Photo Contest, in which local snapshooters compete for alt-weekly immortality and much-coveted prizes!

We’re looking for a variety of shots from all around the city that document the preparations for, and the massive celebration of, Barack Obama’s ever-so-historical special day!

[Prizes, and more info, below the jump.]

Grand Prize: Your shot will be the paper’s PAGE THREE photo for our January 23 post-Inauguration issue! In addition, you’ll get the City Paper gift basket (see below), including $50 at a great local restaurant.

Second Prize: The gift basket, plus $25 at a restaurant.

Third Prize: The gift basket in all its glory.

Uploading to Flickr is pretty simple:

  1. Sign up
  2. Join our group
  3. Tag your photos and add a caption.
  4. Click “Send to Group.”

And then you’re automatically entered. Get stoked. Spread the word.

The Washington City Paper gift basket includes a $50 certificate to one of Young & Hungry’s favorite neighborhood eateries, along with a tall drinking mug, a designer CP t-shirt, two passes to the Landmark Theatre, and a tote bag to carry your City Paper home.

*Flickr is hosting an “Inauguration Day Meetup in D.C.” at Frank’s SOVA coffehouse, where they’ll exhibit photos and offer some free snacks.