Bloomingdale (for now) observes the slow neglect of a huge brick home on Seaton Place. “16 months have passed, and the tyvek wrap continues to blow off the building, exposing the wood underneath to the elements. enormous amounts of water from the rains of the last year must have managed to seep down into the walls of this old rowhouse,” the blogger notes.

River East Idealist posts five reasons to support the relatively new IHOP on Alabama Ave. We paid a visit when it first opened and walked away impressed. Unfortunately, we never again saw the waitress that we so loved. We have gone back many times. Sometimes the service absolutely sucks. Sometimes it’s over-the-top awesome. The food is still IHOP food. Only this IHOP has rules like no sideways ballcaps. Sweet. River East Idealist gives kudos to the staff, the overall atmosphere, the fact that it exists, among other reasons.

Southwest…The Little Quadrant That Could presents a handy list of alternative ways to get to President-Elect Obama’s swearing in. List includes ways to get to the Mall on foot, by water taxi, and by bike. Good luck. Soon after the inaugural, we may get tired of the motorcades once again. Even when it’s Obama stopping traffic, it’s not that fun.

Capital Spice offers a handy map detailing all 213 bars, restaurants and clubs that have extended hours for the inaugural week.

Pop Cesspool hates on Thievery Corporation (and the 9:30 Club). I wonder what the blogger would think about the duo’s new video featuring Chuck Brown. The Cesspool writes: “…The Thievery dudes, with their XPN-approved album and their unflagging good taste, and they’re blazingly recession-proof, at least in D.C., where lots of youn’ins still apparently have lots of disposable income and want to do things that are more ‘benignly stylish’ than ‘dangerously interesting.'”