Last week, Wikipedia rolled out its first-ever Frank Winstead spread, which includes a précis of the glorious “Connecticut Avenue ping pong battles of 2008.”*

In profiling the former ANC Commissioner’s one-man crusade against rapscallions, racket sports, and most known forms of fun, Wikipedia draws significantly on the intrepid reporting of Amanda Hess, whose “Frank Winstead Gone Wild: The Recordings” post includes incendiary audio from the ANC meeting in question.


The extraordinarily well-attended hearing became quite raucous when Winstead accused [Comet owner] Alefantis of “trying to turn this into Adams Morgan with the murders, the rapes…” and questioned him whether he had ever spit in a customer’s food.

The wiki-article closes with a bang:

All through this matter, Winstead has refused to respond to reporters’ inquiries. On June 23, 2008, Washington City Paper reporter Jason Cherkis and videographer Ted Scheinman attempted to visit Winstead in his apartment at The Brandywine. Winstead again refused to speak to them.

No mention of the unusual bird that attempted to escape through Winstead’s jealously guarded front door. Perhaps the anonymous wiki-author never watched our “Confronting Frank Winstead” video, after all.

*Their terminology, if you can believe it.

Ping pong photo courtesy of mknowles