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Every time I click over to DCist there’s a fresh post quoting the D.C. Police Department‘s most outspoken official: Third District Police Inspector Edward Delgado. The guy is a huge presence on the listservs and is always around for some kind of quote. Today, he’s warning about home invasions in Columbia Heights. Yesterday, he was breaking down the recent violence on Girard Street.

A search on DCist came up with an error. A google search shows that he’s popped up 475 times. But that is way too high and should be completely discounted. I just bet he’s quoted at least once a week or every other week. Why is he so ubiquitous? He’s on the listservs, so few cops talk on the record, and he works in the Third District where probably the majority of bloggers and blog readers live.

Hey Sommer, why not let Delgado post directly?