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And now to interrupt City Paper’s inauguration blanketing with something completely frivolous.

I admit that at the end of Sex and the City: The Movie, as meh as it may have been, my first thought was, “So when’s the next episode?”

Like so many other viewers — OK, I should probably just say “women” — the series has become the TV equivalent of comfort food to me, and I still DVR reruns for nights when my brain has checked out and I just want a pretty, sophisticated New York fix. You know, the gadabout lifestyle I see myself eventually espousing.

(Despite having thus far spent the bulk of my adulthood in sweatshirts and yoga pants, politely declining 9 out of 10 social invitations, and generally avoiding interaction with — what do you call them? — people at all costs.)

Regardless of my knee-jerk thirst for more Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte, however, my sensible side thinks that a sequel to last year’s film would be in poor taste, an obvious money-grab by all involved. And Mr. Big — Chris Noth, to the blissfully ignorant — apparently agrees, though he believes the Powers That Be are going to go for it anyway.

Here’s the blurb from WENN.com:

Actor Chris Noth is convinced plans for a Sex And The City: The Movie sequel will come to fruition – because studio bosses are eager to cash in on the box office success of the first film.

Noth’s on-screen love interest, Sarah Jessica Parker, confirmed in November there will be a follow-up to the hit big screen adaptation of the long-running U.S. TV show — after the first movie grossed over $400 million (GBP275 million) last summer.

And despite co-star Cynthia Nixon insisting nothing is definite until the cast have signed their contracts, Noth is sure that the sequel will happen – because of the huge amount of money the franchise produces.

He tells Hollyscoop.com, “I bet there will be another one. Too many executives want too much money.”

Romance, at least in Hollywood, is obviously not yet dead.