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Who the hell went out last night looking for celebs? Even my sister (who has the connects, the gossip, and the determination) was considering hanging up her designer shoes. I’m pretty sure she stayed home….

D.C. Gov extends the registration date for tour buses to today. Three thousand buses have registrated so far for the inauguration. That’s less than the anticipated 10,000 buses. The New York Times debunks more of the hype.

D.C. Gov notes that the Circulator buses are changing it’s schedule to make way for the inauguration. Monday’s schedule:

The Convention Center to the Southwest Waterfront route will stop operating at 1:00 pm. Passengers are advised to utilize Metrobus route 70 as an alternate, but buses will not be allowed to cross Pennsylvania Avenue.
The Union Station to Georgetown route will operate regular service between 7 am and 3 pm. At 3:00 pm, DC Circulator will no longer be able to access Union Station and buses will use an alternate route.

All Union Station passengers are advised to use the nearest stop located at North Capitol Street and H Street, NW. Traveling toward Union Station on Massachusetts Avenue, NW buses will turn north on 5th Street, NW, travel eastbound on K Street and terminate on North Capitol Street at H Street.

Traveling toward Georgetown, buses will begin on H Street, NW at North Capitol Street, travel down H Street to Massachusetts Avenue and return to their regular route.

Tuesday’s schedule:

All regular Circulator service will be suspended.
Metrobus will operate replacement east-west service downtown from H Street, NW at North Capitol Street (near Union Station) to Washington Circle (24th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW) via L and M Streets.
Special service Metrobuses on L Street will begin on the south side of Washington Circle, just east of 23rd Street, NW, and end at H and North Capitol Streets near Union Station. These special service Metrobuses will have placards indicating “North Capitol Street” as their destination.
Special service Metrobuses on M Street will begin at H and North Capitol Street, near Union Station and end on 23rd Street just north of Washington Circle. These special service Metrobuses will have placards indicating “Washington Circle” as their destination.
Georgetown service will be provided by Metrobuses on Wisconsin Avenue and M Street between Friendship Heights and Washington Circle. Georgetown buses will begin and end on Pennsylvania Avenue between 24th and 25th Streets, NW, just west of Washington Circle.

Penn Quarter Living has it’s own great inauguration roundup. Prince of Petworth has compiled his own list of inaugural options.

New Columbia Heights offers a guide to the neighborhood (for those out-of-towners willing to brave the cold, the security checkpoints, and the possibly large crowds). It’s classy:

“Wonderland is the focal point of the neighborhood, tons of people go there and they have DJs upstairs sometimes and pretty good bar food. The Heights and Red Rocks have booze too, but are more restaurants. CommonWealth is, as noted, a pub, and farther north at 14th and Spring is the Red Derby, a great bar with lots of beer, but only in cans – cheaper that way – you’ll probably want to take a cab there and back.”

Here’s our own inauguration guide?