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Yesterday, we posted the Presidential Inaugural Committee‘s rules about volunteers speaking with the media. They are not allowed to speak to the press, according to the volunteer courtesy guide. The PIC also has rules for bloggers. Here are the rules:

“PIC 2009 strongly discourages all volunteers from blogging on any topic while they are volunteering with PIC 2009.

Even anonymous blogging can generally be traced back to an individual, and potentially harm PIC 2009,” the manual states.

The no-blogging policy may be understandable. Obama’s people don’t want anyone live blogging from the Mall when they should be directing, managing the crowds. I get it. But what I don’t get is the implication that if you blog anonymously, PIC will hire some kind of cyber detective to hunt you down after Jan. 20. Once they find you, what will they do? Arrest you? Scold you? Post a nasty comment on your anonymous blog outing you?

Just in case, PIC 2009 has this rule: “Never imply that you are speaking for President-Elect Obama.”