Friends, as we observe the inauguration of a new president, there are still two Americas: Those that are happy to see Barack Obama take office, and those that aren’t.

Yesterday, during a visit to Gambrills, Md., our car was vandalized by a member of the latter demographic.

Somebody with a lot of free time, duct tape and leftover paraphrenalia from the 2008 presidential campaign taped a “NOBAMA ‘O8” placard over the rear license plate of our car, which was parked in front of my in-laws’ house.

The offending paperwork also advertised for, a blowhardy but currently inactive blog written by an apparent far right-winger. (There have been no posts on that site since Nov. 6.)

The car had no bumper or window stickers betraying any political affiliation. Just an American flag decal that was stuck on the back windshield before we bought it. We figured we were tagged because of our DC tags.

But then the vandals came back later and taped more of the same on the door of my brother-in-law’s house, while a number of folks stood feet away on the other side of that door.

My brother in law is a loyal Republican. He’s peeved.

But, as low-brow and time-consuming as the act was, it doesn’t appear to be a prank: Other houses in the neighborhood were also struck yesterday.

I’m generally pro-civil disobedience, but what bugs me most about these actions is: Did the genius have to use duct tape on all four sides?