It sucks being late. It took forever to get out of our apartment and head to the concert. We thought: The Boss has to be the closer. We were wrong. We ended up listening to the Boss on NPR in our kitchen nook! By the time we made it to the Mall (Cab to Foggy Bottom then a hectic walk the rest of the way), military dudes were giving everyone the stare down and telling folks the concert was closed. “We’re only letting people out,” said one.

This meant listening to Obama several blocks away. Or at least listening to an echo of Obama’s speech from several blocks away. We could sort of see a jumbotron through some trees. So we learned some lessons for Tuesday. Standing outside the barriers really sucks. There are a lot of people selling Obama bootleg shirts. And there are a lot of people interested in this inauguration.

*photo taken on our long walk home.