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To the uninitiated, the apolitical, the name of this group looks a lot like a typo. “The Junior State of America.” What’s that?

Well, that is a national group of youth who are destined for greatness and influence. Former White House Press Secretary Michael McCurry put it like this, on the occasion of tonight’s Junior State of America Inaugural Reception: All the kids who got involved in student government were “weenies,” according to McCurry. All the “smart kids” got involved in the Junior State of America—”state” appears to be short for “statesmen.” Those smart kids, over the years, have included Edwin Meese, Charles Schwab, and Michael McCurry. Oh sorry, already mentioned McCurry.

Aside from McCurry, the other banner name at tonight’s reception was Robert Gibbs, the very-soon-to-be White house press secretary. Our roving correspondent missed Gibbs’s doubtless-breathtaking speech before the group of precocious wonks, but a source at the event said that Gibbs spoke of the importance of “relishing these next couple of days.” Awfully edgy stuff there.

Other than all the spinmeisters talking turkey with America’s future leaders, there were a lot of waiters moving around with spicy fried fare and dips. The event, sponsored by Politico and Facebook, had extraordinary bean dip, too.