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Workers at the Capitol Hill headquarters of C-Span, Fox News and MSNBC have begun showing up for an extended stay at the massive building that houses their DC operations.

Because of security and traffic concerns, most of the news teams’ staffers won’t be leaving their offices until their inaugural duties are done.

For many folks, that means they won’t go home until Wednesday.

One problem with this arrangement.

“There are two showers in the whole building,” a C-SPAN producer tells me.

Turns out the only full-service restroom is located in a tiny health club on the ground floor of the media center.

I ask the C-SPAN producer if he plans to spend any time over the next two days standing in line behind Greta Van Susteren and other media types to use one of the spickets.

“Nope,” he says.

Van Susteren always looks she just got a whiff of something awful, anyway. Now she’ll have an excuse for the grimace: The whole compound could reek like a Port Authority bathroom in no time.

As if the funk wasn’t going to be enough with the building just full of its regular tenants, CBS crews from out of town are squatting on the third floor.

As another famous person with a “Van” prefixed surname, the great Ronnie Van Zant, once wrote: “Ewwww! That smell! Can’t you smell that smell?”

Yeah. Smells like cable news.