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God bless her. This afternoon, my sister went to the Convention Center to pick up inauguration tickets. In attempt to score a few extra (for me), she hung around and begged one inaugural ticket worker. She called multiple times. First with good news. Then with bad news. And finally with a tone of desperation admitting that she had resorted to “flirting my ass off for a ticket.”

I told her she must not under any circumstances promise to meet up later with any ticket worker or, well, meet up with any employee from the Convention Center. I believe I may have shouted these directives. Unfortunately, this advice failed to anticipate that my sister would give out her cell number to an employee hoping to score tickets. Which she did. [Full disclosure: My sister is not trampy, does not regularly give out her phone number, and in fact, has a steady boyfriend].

Apparently, the Convention Center still has tickets. Rumor is you can still get tickets. The dude started texting my sister a few minutes ago:

I should be in the area b/w 8 pm n 9 pm…if nothing else…let me buy U a drink…!!!” Then came the smiley emoticon. This was just the first text.

Here is the follow-up after getting a no response from my sister: “Waiting on word 4 a silver ticket 2….” Then another smiley emoticon. See how the dude tries to dangle the prospective of a silver inauguration ticket? Nice.

And finally, the last text (so far) after more no response from my sister: “How come…? U want 2 get in my wool coat w/ me….?” Dude ends desperate text with a sticking-tongue-out emoticon.

I feel horrible. She gave this creep her cellphone number because I needed tickets. Now he is free to send her tongue-wagging come-ons forever. Sister says she is not going to respond to the texts. “I already got two tickets,” she says.

Is there a lesson learned? Yes, she says: “Don’t give your phone number to some dorky Hill volunteer loser. He’s not really trying to get me an inauguration ticket, he’s trying to get in my pants. He’s like any other douchebag not some kind Presidential Inauguration Committee volunteer.”

8:22 p.m. Update: Word is they aren’t giving any more tickets out at the Convention Center. They may give tickets out tomorrow morning I am told. But that just seems wrong.

Flickr photo by testspiel.de