It costs $125 to get into the Arkansas State Society Inaugural Party for Razorbacks. At that price, you get a nice cash bar in the stately confines of the National Press Club.

And that dynamic may just explain why people at the Razorback ball are crowding the Tommy Bahama complimentary mojito stand. You got your choice of a free clear mojito (free and clear!), a free rum punch mojito, or a free golden tea mojito, whatever that is. The promotion is womanned by four attractive 20-something women in long blue gowns with Tommy Bahama sashes around their waists. As if you need babes to sell free mojitos!

This celebration is snaking throughout the great Press Club empire—-you got different sorts of music in different rooms, with the six-piece Great Expectations band in the main salon. And the historic moment of tomorrow is getting so close that the attendees can’t help but issue sweeping proclamations when asked to comment on stuff. “We’ve been on the steps and on the doorway of justice and opportunity for a long time….Now we’re not on the doorway anymore,” says April Burris, who at 14 participated in the March on Washington. “We’re inside.”

Update 9:21: Bill Clinton just arrived, in a two-SUV entourage.

Reporting by Chris Causey, writing by Erik Wemple

Flickr photo by geishabot